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The HNet API provides over 100 functions for allocating and configuring neuromorphic assemblies, controlling related properties and integrating assembly operation into the application layer.   The API applies the concept of objects and uses handles in referencing these objects.   Cell / assembly handles are applied in adjusting cell properties, controlling execution, modifying synaptic connections, etc.   Properties associated with individual cells or assemblies (learning rate, neural plasticity, synaptic interconnections, memory decay amoung others) may be separately adjusted.

The HNeT API facilitates integration of neuron cells into simple or highly elaborate neuromorphic structures.   The library permits allocation of an unrestricted number of assemblies and allows integration of the primary neuron cell groups shown.
Primary assembly structures are illustrated for the cerebellar and neo-cortical models.   The HNeT API provides an array of functions for customization of individual cell architectures, assembly architectures, synaptic interconnectivity, neural plasticity (synaptic pruning and regrowth), construction of supervised, unsupervised, spatial-temporal and hyper-incursive neural models, data conversion and preprocessing.   A function reference sheet for the HNeT API language is available upon request.